Laptop Program

Enhancing and continuing our Catholic Education Mission by

using today's tools to develop tomorrow's thinkers.


Change your Laptop password  (Faculty/Students on campus)

  • *Disregard security warnings message (SSL)
  • *Input your old password then type your new password twice.
  • *Click "Save" once.
  • *Try your new password by login out/in your laptop
  • *This feature works only while at school
  • *Please remember not to share your password

Known issues:


  • Important Java Update for Mac users (cognitive tutor)
    • Recently, Apple blocked certain versions of Java based on security vulnerabilities in that application.  This action prevented programs using Java from launching on a Mac, including Carnegie Learning software.  Last week, Oracle and Apple released updates that will once again allow Carnegie Learning software to launch on a Mac.
    • If you or your students have any questions or need assistance with launching the software, please contact our support team at  1-877-401-2527 or
    • Update to the latest version of Java (Stop by the IT office for an update)
  • To report laptop problems please go to our Help Desk (on campus only) and open a ticket. The technology office will not email status of the tickets to students.
  • Check with the technology office for the status of your ticket.
  • Some computers may ask to duplicate or make a new key chain upon login for the first time, click make a new login keychain
  • Adobe activation requires that you open any Adobe software such as Flash, Photoshop, Fireworks prior of opening Adobe Acrobat.
  • Upon Login; Adobe Acrobat shows a warning for auto update. To disable open  Adobe Acrobat / preferences/ updater and change to "Do not download or install updates automatically"
  • Google Earth the first time it open warns that it can write to a library and the that you do not have permission to use ksadmin; disregard message.
  • The first time you open Firefox it will warn "Firefox is an application downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?", click Open. Sometimes it will show the same warning everytime you open Firefox, if it does, please stop at the IT department office to apply a quick fix.
  • Ebooks: sometimes students cant get to their books, this is the publisher site that is not handling the load of students trying to log in, keep trying, close safari (QUIT) or Firefox(QUIT) and keep trying
  • Cognitive tutor, some students cant log in, there is a Java trick that I can apply to them that will fix the problem, please stop by the IT office.
  •  Cloud filters are  installed on ALL students laptops.

 If you have difficulties please contact Mr. Faenza at the IT department during normal school hours.

Please report bugs and software issues to or open a ticket sending an email to Web Help Desk Support

To see the status of our systems click our IT dashboard